1902 Spižírna

What’s better than the smell of baking bread? Well, freshly ground coffee for one, but I digress. The scent of fresh bread is what enveloped me as I walked through the door of Spižírna.

The cafe prides themselves on their food, cakes made fresh daily and a simple menu featuring seasonal ingredients. They’ve taken their name to heart – spižírna means pantry in Czech. Keep in mind the cafe does a nearly all-day brunch (till 4pm) on the weekends. In addition to coffee, they have craft beer, homemade lemonade and a what appeared to me a full bar for whatever strikes your fancy.

The café’s furnishings are quite stark. However, there’s an insane mural covering the ceiling and walls with greenery. There’s also a bizarre side room, I guess for privacy? The whole front of the café is windows which makes for not only a bright place, but one in which there’s always something interesting to see.

The cappuccino (55 CZK) was fine, a bit on the milky side though. Kicks for murals and menu.

1902 Spižírna: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks