Brooklyn 52

One of the great joys in my life is walking along and finding a new café. It’s the […]


A fairly derelict looking building in Prague 7 is filled with creativity, fun, and most importantly, coffee. Továrna […]

Kafé Francin

This bustling café right by a busy Prague 7 tram stop roasts its own coffee from such far-flung […]

Henri Espresso Bar

Located directly across from the Masarykovo nádraží train station and busy tram stop, Henri’s is a comfortable place […]

Kafe v Klidu

I’ve always enjoyed wandering the streets of Prague 1 between Národní třída and the river. There are old […]

Röstzimmer 15

Image the smell, think of the sound, of roasting coffee beans. What a way to start your day! […]